DVC DSTPS Extended Support Hands for "Old Age Home" CSR

DVC DSTPS Extended Support Hands for Old Age Home


Kolkata: The CSR policy of DVC DSTPS has been made in the framework of the comprehensive policy guidelines of the Government of India to overcome the socio-economic and environmental concerns of the society in a sustainable manner. It gives us the direction of achieving the mission of clean, healthy, educated and competent India. As a responsible citizen, committed to achieving large social goals, we have always been a leader in CSR activities in the development of the areas around the project.
In this connection today DVC DSTPS Under the scheme CSR   provided 6 wheelchairs 4 walkers, 1 stretcher trolley, 1 commode chair and for heating water 1 water geyser worth Rs. 50 thousand to elderly people who have been dispelled by their own and forced to live in the old age home, Khandra village which is operated by the Udbartan Social Welfare Organization.
As the chief guest of the program Mr. S N Jha, Chief Engineer & Project Head  of DSTPS said that DVC always  has respect for  senior citizens and constantly strives under the social obligation to provide their health and basic facilities, in this regard we came here  to provide the basic facilities for old aged  persons  who are unable to walk by their own and need some help in terms of wheelchair or  walker. this is a small gift from our side, by  Accepting this please grant us the opportunity to earn virtue, Mr. Jha said there is no service greater than the service of the old person.
Organizing the event, Deputy Manager CSR Mohammed Shamim Ahmad said, it gives us a pleasant feeling while serving for the old aged person. DVC will continue to make such facilities in near future also.
All senior citizens present in this ashram were very pleased and said that all of us have forgotten but your people came and spent time with us and provided us with the necessary things.
In this event DGM(HR)  Mr. Sandeep Bhattacharya, Additional Director Human Resources Shri Pramod Kumar, Superintending Engineer (Civil) Mr. Roshan Lakra, Deputy Director (Vigilance) Mr. Sucin Champarirai of Dy.D. Dr. Shubhankar, Deputy Managing Director (Human Resources), DVC DSTPS  Benchity Dispensary. Dr S. Ghosh, Panchayat Samiti, Karamadakshya Shri Jagatpati Mitra, and on behalf of old Age home Shri Biju Sarkar and Shri Anup Kumar Sinha were present.

Posted Date :  08-01-18

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