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IOB appoints Digital Consultant for the Bank


Chennai: Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), as part of its growth strategy, intends to transform its banking services into a DIGITALIZED FORM with an aim to increase its  DIGITAL SHARE in the market. Towards achieving this goal, the Bank hasappointedM/s. Ernst & Young is a DIGITAL CONSULTANT.

The DIGITAL CONSULTANT, the Bank believes, would help the Bank to stay more focussed on leveraging and adopting new technologies and to enhance the service quality and service delivery to its customers.  This initiative would also help the Bank to accelerate DIGITALIZATION in all the areas of Banking including its Assets and Liability products and services.

According to MD & CEO of IOB, Shri Partha Pratim Sengupta, with this new initiative, the Bank is poised to attract Millennial customers who are tech-savvy. Bank will now be confident of providing all customers a hassle-free and seamless Banking experience. 

Posted Date :  22-04-21

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