Coal Stocks of Domestic Coal Based Thermal Power Plants is 33% more sufficient

The Stocks Position is 33% Higher than Same Time during the Last Year.

Coal Stocks of Domestic Coal Based Thermal Power Plants is 33% more sufficient

The coal stocks at domestic coal-based (DCB) Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) currently stand at 44.46 million metric tons, which is sufficient to meet the requirements for 18.5 days based on the current level of consumption. This stock position represents a 33% increase compared to the same time last year. It is important to note that coal production during the first quarter of this year has grown by 10.58%, and the supply of coal has also increased by 8.50%.

It is further noteworthy that keeping in view the monsoon effect on coal production, the Coal Ministry has ensured 98.67 MT stock availability at the pithead of mines (including coal in transit) as of 30th June 2024 which is 33.5 % higher than last year’s position, as per official data.


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Currently, the stock availability at the TPP end is 68% of the normative requirement which was about 50% during the same period of last year.  It may be noted that during FY 23-24, there was no scarcity of coal at the domestic coal-based TPPs.

The coal stock at TPPs, as of 31st March 2024, was over 47 MT.  This FY also the Coal ministry is planning to maintain a similar high stock at TPP end and also at the mine pithead.

As of 29th June 2024, there is also an increase in the number of rakes/days by 10.54 % over the same period of last year, it is thus evident that adequate stock is available to meet the monsoon requirements of all domestic coal-based TPPs.  Further Coal, Railways and Power ministries are closely coordinating to ensure adequate availability of coal at all domestic coal-based TPPs in the country.

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