DMRC Launches Digital QR Ticketing for Commuters through Amazon Pay

DMRC Launches Digital QR Ticketing for Commuters through Amazon Pay

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today launched a digital QR ticketing system for Delhi Metro commuters in association with Amazon Pay. This innovative solution provides a quick, contactless, and hassle-free experience for millions of daily users, allowing them to purchase mobile QR tickets on the go and transforming the daily commute in the capital.

To avail of this facility, customers can simply click on the ‘Delhi Metro QR ticket’ option under the Amazon Pay tab and follow some simple steps. They can select ‘from’ and ‘to’ stations, complete payment, and receive a mobile QR ticket instantly. At metro stations, commuters just need to hold their smartphones in front of the QR code scanner at the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates for both entry and exit.

Dr. Vikas Kumar, Managing Director, DMRC, said, ‘Partnering with Amazon Pay for QR ticketing will make daily journeys more efficient and enjoyable. This innovative approach offers convenience, reduces paper waste, and supports our sustainability efforts.”

Smt. Anuradha Aggarwal, Director of Amazon Pay India, added, ‘We are excited to introduce Metro QR ticketing on Amazon Pay, transforming commutes for millions. This solution offers quick, contactless transactions and eliminates the need for tokens and exact change, providing a seamless experience.’

With approximately 6.5 million daily passenger journeys served by DMRC, the need for efficient and convenient ticketing solutions is paramount. Commuters face long queues during peak hours to purchase tokens and must carry exact change, which adds to their inconvenience. There is also a fear of losing or forgetting their physical token. QR ticketing addresses these issues by offering a convenient ticketing experience, eliminating the need for physical tokens. This solution aims to significantly reduce ticket purchase time from 15 minutes to just 15 seconds. Additionally, customers will also get special exclusive offers available on the platform.

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