NTPC Kaniha celebrates world famous festival of ‘Rath Yatra’

NTPC Kaniha celebrates world famous festival of ‘Rath Yatra’

The most awaited world-famous festival of Odisha “Rath Yatra” celebrated at NTPC Kaniha. On July 7th, the trinity of Bhagwan Balabhadra, Mata Subhadra and Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannathji were taken to the chariot by Pahandi Yatra by the devotees.

As per tradition “Chhera Panhara” was performed by Head of Project Shri Ashok Kumar Sehgal by sweeping the chariot platform to begin Rath Yatra.

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Thousands of devotees from NTPC Township & neighbouring villagers thronged to take part in the auspicious car festival. The trinity journey to Gundicha Mandir was enchanting with sounds of drums and chanting of religious verse and “Jai Jagannath”.The colourfully decorated chariot was pulled by thousands of devotees, which included Shri Ch. Satya Ramakrishna, GM(O&M), Shri S S Rao, GM(ADM), Shri A. J. Rajkumar, GM(Maintc), Shri Navneet Kumar, HOHR, Shri M. Panigrahi, AGM(EMD), Smt. Renu Sehgal, President, Tanvi Sangam(Ladies Club) & Members of Ladies Club, Office bearers  of Rathayatra Committee. representatives of Unions and  Association along with employees , ladies and residents of the township, CISF personnel and neighbouring villagers. The chariot reached “mausi maa mandir” in the evening hours.

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To celebrate the festival, cultural programmes like bhajan sandhya were arranged. the Deepshika Rath Yatra Committee of NTPC Kaniha is organizing the ten days festival. The car festival will end with Bahuda yatra on 15.07.2024.

Rath yatra celebration at NTPC Kaniha is a major attraction for the inhabitants of the township as well as the local villagers. Local people from neighbouring villages visit the township to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath and his siblings.

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