IndianOil Posted its Financial Performance for 1st Quarter of FY - 2019-20 PERFORMANCE

IndianOil Posted its Financial Performance for 1st Quarter of FY - 2019-20


New Delhi: The Revenue from Operations of Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil) is Rs. 1,50,135 Crore in 1st Quarter of FY 2019-20 as compared to Rs. 1,49,747 crore in the corresponding quarter of FY 2018-19. Profit for the first quarter of FY 2019-20 is Rs. 3,596 crore as compared to Rs. 6,831 crore in the corresponding quarter of FY 18-19. The variation is majorly on account of lower inventory gain during the quarter.
Shri Sanjiv Singh, Chairman, IndianOil said, 'IndianOil sold 22.658 million tonnes of products, including exports, during the first quarter of financial year 2019-20. Our refining throughput for Q1 19-20 was 17.283 million tonnes and the throughput of the Corporation's countrywide pipelines network was 21.851 million tonnes during the year. The gross refining margin (GRM) during the first quarter of FY 19-20 was US$ 4.69 per bbl as compared to US$ 10.21 per bbl in the corresponding quarter of the previous financial year.'
Financial Highlights of IndianOil for Q1 2019-20
IndianOil today reported its standalone and consolidated financial performance for the quarter ended 30th June, 2019. The highlights of the unaudited financial results as compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous financial year are:
Highlights of the Quarter's Performance (Standalone):
  • Revenue from Operation increased by 0.3% to Rs. 1,50,135 crore
  • Profit after Tax is Rs. 3,596 crores as against Rs. 6,831 crore in Q1 18-19
  • Earnings per Share for the period April-June'19 is Rs. 3.92
  • Gross Refining Margins (GRM) for Q1 2019-20 is $4.69/bbl as compared to $10.21/bbl in Q1 18-19. GRM excluding inventory gain/loss and price lag for Q1 19-20 is $2.27/bbl as compared to $5.18/bbl in Q1 18-19
  • Inventory Gain (Net) for the period Apr-June'19 is Rs. 2,362 crore against Rs. 7,065 crore in Apr-Jun'18
  • Refineries Throughput is 17.283 MMT
  • Pipelines Throughput is 21.851 MMT
  • Domestic Sales is 21.549 MMT and Total Sales is 22.658 MMT
  • Borrowings of IndianOil as on 30.06.2019 is Rs. 72,227 and the Debt-equity ratio stands at 0.64:1
  • Claims for SKO (PDS) and DBTL (PaHaL) scheme for Q1 19-20 were Rs. 656 crore and Rs. 3,997 crore respectively
Highlights of the Quarter's Performance (Consolidated):
  • Revenue from Operations of the group for the period Apr-June'19 is Rs. 1,52,496 crore
  • Profit after Tax for the group is Rs. 3,738 crore
  • Earnings per Share for the period April-June'19 is Rs.4.07

Posted Date :  31-07-19

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