BEML Honors Top Performers and Innovators at Annual Recognition Event

BEML Honors Top Performers and Innovators at Annual Recognition Event

New Delhi: BEML Limited recently held its annual recognition event at its headquarters, where the winners and participants of the BEML Nonimara Award and Innovation Award 2024 were announced. The BEML Nonimara competition has been a tradition since 1990, focusing on small group quality circle activities. The aim is to foster a quality culture within the organization and encourage teams to identify problems, analyze them, and find effective solutions.

The Nonimara and Innovation awards have been instituted to promote innovation and a quality-centric approach throughout the organization. These competitions provide a platform for teams to showcase their significant contributions to product development and quality improvements over the past year.

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Participation in the competitions is seen as an opportunity for teams to demonstrate technological upgrades and consistent quality in their products. This not only brings recognition to the organization but also ensures customer satisfaction and opens doors for further orders.

In the Nonimara competition, 10 teams participated, showcasing their small group activities. Additionally, 32 teams out of 125 were shortlisted for the Innovation Award presentation, highlighting the widespread participation and enthusiasm for innovative initiatives.

To instil a culture of small group activities, an inter-divisional competition is organized under the name 'BEML-NONIMARA AWARD.' Winners of this competition will have the chance to be deputed to regional, national, and international competitions conducted by organizations such as QCFI, CII, and NIQR. This provides a platform for the winning teams to showcase their achievements on a broader stage and compete at higher levels.

The Chief Guest for the event, Shri Shantanu Roy, CMD of BEML, played a significant role in acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of the winners and participants, and presented the awards to all the deserving teams and individuals, recognizing their contributions to the BEML Nonimara Award and Innovation Award 2024.

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Also gracing the occasion, Shri Ajit Kumar Srivastav, Director - Defence, also took the opportunity to encourage and inspire the winners within the organization to actively participate in such initiatives. His emphasis on participation aimed at promoting a culture of innovation within the company. Shri Anil Jerath, Director - Finance, also motivated participants in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, #innovation, and #quality within the organization.

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