Coal Ministry & PSUs dispose of 10266 MT scrap worth Rs. 70 cr

Coal Ministry & PSUs dispose of 10266 MT scrap worth Rs. 70 cr

In the Special Campaign 2.0 launched by Government of India for disposal of pendencies, cleanliness, disposal of scrap and improving overall functioning in workplace, the Ministry of Coal has made significant achievements by implementing and monitoring the Special Campaign 2.0 in all the Public Sector Undertakings and field offices, under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Coal, during the period October, 2022 to Aug, 2023. The Special Campaign underscores the commitment of Ministry of Coal towards environmental responsibility and sustainable development. 


Special Campaign 2.0 (2nd October 2022 - 31st October 2022) 


During the Special Campaign, the Ministry cleaned a vast area of more than 3,023,788 square feet and over 5,409.5 metric tons of scrap was disposed of which earned revenue of Rs. 48.5 crores from Scrap disposal. 


Innovative initiatives included transforming the Scrap Yard in Kothagudem Area, SCCL, Hyderabad, into productive Crop Land, contributing to sustainable land use. The creation of the "Kachra Udyan" (Waste Garden), at Central Coalfield Limited (CCL), from scrap, disposed items, tires, pipes, and carts was widely applauded. This initiative is a pilot project slated for expansion at proposed Eco-parks and other coal company premises, showcasing a strong commitment to the 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) concept and sustainable waste management.


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Follow-up Action of Special Campaign 2.0 during the period Nov, 2022 to Aug, 2023 : 


Ministry of Coal and it's PSU's accomplished the following under Follow-up Action of Special Campaign 2.0 during the period Nov, 2022 to Aug, 2023 : 


1. Cleaning an impressive 6,929,401 square feet of space, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. 


2. Responsible disposal of over 10,266 metric tons of scrap, resulting in revenue generation of Rs. 70 crores. 


3. Extensive awareness campaigns for cleanliness, including banners, message displays, Nukkad Nataks (street plays), seminars, and counselling sessions. 


4. Constructing "Recharge Wells" for rainwater harvesting, contributing to water conservation efforts. 


5. Promoting awareness to curb the use of Single Use Plastics (SUP) and distributing eco-friendly Jute/Cloth Bags. 


6. Transforming waste land into a green belt, with approximately 108,900 sq. ft. of land near Thai Moogambigai Temple, Block-8, cleared of dense vegetation and repurposed for mass tree plantation and Green Belt Development. 


7. Utilizing freed spaces for multiple purposes, including parking, record rooms, sitting areas, construction of toilets, gardening, plantation, and expanding mine projects. 


8. Enhancing the work environment by placing small air purifier saplings in all sections of the Ministry with the logo "Swacchata Pakhwada 2023.

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These ongoing initiatives reflect the Ministry of Coal and PSU's resolute commitment to fostering cleanliness, sustainability, and responsible waste management. Special Campaign 2.0 serves as a testament to their dedication to creating a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for all.

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