Cricket Is Now Among the Biggest Industries in Modern India

Cricket Is Now Among the Biggest Industries in Modern India
Cricket Is Now Among the Biggest Industries in Modern India

Cricket is more than just a sport in India. It’s a source of prestige that significantly impacts the country’s culture. The sport is among India’s most powerful levers for exerting global influence, and players countrywide are intrigued by the sport.

The history and origins of cricket can be traced back a couple of centuries to 1721. This was the period when the British East India Trading Company were popular. This article explores the history behind the game and lists factors that have led to its massive popularity.

How Did It Start?

The earliest references to a game similar to cricket can be found in the 17th century in England. It came to be mostly because of sports like club ball and stoolball.

Dating back, the first match was recorded in 1646 in Kent, England. The British then introduced the game to India during the colonial period. The first match was recorded in 1721 in Cambay, Gujarat. It was played by the British imperial officials and the civilians and wasn’t for the masses.

After a couple of years, the game became popular among the locals. In June 1932, India played the first-ever Test match against England. This opened international doors, and the journey to success started with that single match.

After independence, the country's sports industry faced several challenges. This included a lack of infrastructure and resources to support young aspiring players. However, despite these challenges, the country outshined in several Test series matches. In 1952, it defeated England, and it was just the beginning.

In 1983, the country impressed the entire world by winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup. Then again in 2011 and several other notable victories in 2023.

Cricket Today

India has experienced an incredible journey with cricket. The industry is now a powerhouse with a massive following, top-notch infrastructure and talented players.

The most interesting thing about modern-day sports is that fans can bet and enjoy their favourite matches online. You can visit to enjoy different leagues and bet live. The following aspects have led to the sport’s tremendous growth.

?    Social Catalyst

The sport has the potential to stimulate change and promote inclusion in India. Famous, talented women players such as Harmanpreet Kaur and Mithali Raj have broken gender norms, empowering young, talented female players.

?    Economic Significance

The sport is now a multibillion-dollar industry in India. Its revenue fuels most of the country’s sports infrastructure. Sponsorships, retail sales, advertising and several other factors have pushed the sport to astronomical heights.

?    The Cultural Aspect

Cricket is a way of life in the country. Toddlers playing the game in tight alleyways and streets isn’t uncommon. Families also gather around TVs for important matches and leagues.

?    Talented Players

The love for the sport is mainly seen in players. The country has the most talented icons in the world. People love seeing them showcase their brilliant skills. Plus, they inspire the young generation of future athletes.

Enjoy Cricket

Cricket is an engaging sport loved by so many people around the world. It has had a massive impact on India’s sports market. Everything from the historical background to how it gained popularity is very inspiring.

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