DAC accorded approval of capital acquisition proposals worth over Rs 80,000 crore

The Defence Acquisition Council under the Ministry of Defence has approved the Acceptance of Necessity [AoNs] for various capital acquisition proposals amounting to Rs 84,560 crore.

DAC accorded approval of capital acquisition proposals worth over Rs 80,000 crore

The  Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has accorded AoN under the BUY [Indian-Indigenously Designed Developed and Manufactured] category for procurement of a new generation of Anti-tank mines having seismic sensors and provision of remote deactivation with additional safety features. Meanwhile, to strengthen the Air Defence systems, especially the capabilities to detect slow, small, and low-flying targets as well as surveillance, detection, and tracking of different targets, the AoN has been accorded for procurement of Air Defence Tactical Control Radar under Buy [Indian-IDDM] category.

For Indian Naval ships, the AoN under the Buy [Indian] category has been accorded for procurement of Active Towed Array Sonar having capabilities to operate at low frequencies and various depths for long-range detections of adversary submarines.

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The DAC accorded AoN for procurement of Flight Refueller Aircraft for enhancing the operational capabilities and reach of the Indian Air Force. The AoN under the Buy [Indian-IDDM] category for procurement of Software Defined Radios for the ICG has also been granted. This will enhance the requirement of the ICG for having high-speed communication with secure networking capability for seamless information exchange between the ICG and the Indian Navy units.


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The AoN for procurement of Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance and Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, through the Buy and Make category, has been granted by the DAC for strengthening the surveillance and interdiction capabilities of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard [ICG] over the country’s vast maritime area.

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