DMRC unveils customer grievance management system for complain redressal

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) launched an indigenously developed custom-made software to streamline and smoothen its customer grievance management mechanism.

DMRC unveils customer grievance management system for complain redressal

The software called ‘Public Complaints Management System’ (PGMS) is an indigenously developed mechanism that will help in increasing the speed, accuracy, and accessibility of the complaints management infrastructure that is already in place. This user-friendly software will make the entire process simple and will help in real-time monitoring of complaints, tracking and categorizing of the feedback, and allotting them to the right officials for quick redressal.

The software will generate data that will help DMRC analyze the nature of complaints that are received and the level of satisfaction of the complainants. The top management sector of DMRC as well as the Public Complaints Officer shall be able to monitor the status of the complaints on a real-time basis.

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DMRC receives complaints and suggestions from passengers through multiple channels such as the IVRS-based helpline system, dedicated email service, social media platforms, etc. A dedicated Public Complaints Cell works to ensure that the grievances are attended to on a priority basis. This new software will help in further streamlining the entire process.

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Meanwhile, the Delhi Metro already operates an indigenously developed software called ‘STAMP’ (System for Tracking and Monitoring Project) to monitor the progress of its construction projects. Such software is extremely helpful in round-the-clock monitoring of issues to ensure prompt action as well as redressal.

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