Government invited bids to set up 4GW wind energy projects in Tamil Nadu

The government is planning strategically to enhance its renewable energy footprint by announcing the bids for setting up 4GW of offshore wind energy projects off the coast of Tamil Nadu.

Government invited bids to set up 4GW wind energy projects in Tamil Nadu

Under the administration of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the initiative aims to allocate four blocks each with a 1GW capacity managed by Solar Energy Corporation of India [SECI]. The developers winning the bids for each block will set up 1 GW of offshore wind energy capacity and will sell directly to consumers under the open access regime.

According to sources, no VGF [Viability Gap Funding] is provided under the open access bids and the renewable energy generated will be sold to entities such as industries that are currently in the high-tariff band.

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The invitation marks a commendable achievement in India’s renewable energy journey to furnish the country’s green energy ambition.

The replacement of fossil fuels with offshore wind energy can greatly impact the emission ratio to some extent which can trigger green energy activation. OECD predicted in 2016 that offshore wind power will grow 8% of the ocean economy by 2030 and by 2050 the installed capacity will reach 1550 GW on a worldwide scale. It has a high Capacity Utilization Factor [CUF] of nearly 50%.

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