India plans to launch carbon capture policy to deal with growing emissions

The country is planning to launch a carbon capture policy to address its growing emissions to maintain the exploitation of its vast coal resources. The policy would provide incentives to companies to trap, recycle, and store their emissions underground.

India plans to launch carbon capture policy to deal with growing emissions

The policy is expected to be unveiled this year and the power sector, responsible for 42 percent of India’s emissions can potentially capture and recycle 70 percent of its emission through carbon capture. India is focusing on substitutes to use coal in a sustainable way to march down carbon emissions concerning conventional coal firing.

According to the International Energy Agency, around 40 Carbon Capture and Storage units are currently online globally and 50 more are expected to enter operation by 2030. India is already engaged in exploring coal gasification for which it is aiding 85 billion rupees in subsidies to help get projects off the ground. The early-stage technology, which turns coal into gas to generate electricity results in lower emissions.

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As India has updated its NDC targets for achieving 50 percent of its total installed capacity from non-fossil-based energy sources, a 45 percent reduction in emission intensity by 2030, and taking steps towards achieving Net Zero by 2070, the role of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage [CCUS] as it involves the capture of carbon dioxide [CO2] emissions from industrial processes, such as steel and cement production, or from the burning of fossil fuels in power generation.

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