Indraprastha Gas signed MoU to set up compressed biogas plants

Indraprastha Gas Ltd has undergone a memorandum of understanding with two technology partners during India Energy Week 2024 to establish compressed biogas plants across four states Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Indraprastha Gas signed MoU to set up compressed biogas plants

The significant partnerships aim to produce 0.45 million metric standard cubic meters per day of biogas from waste equivalent to approximately 5% of industrial gas requirements. In addition, the company has already agreed with other collaborators to enhance comprehensive initiatives towards promoting clean and renewable energy. The mutual agreements are signed to align with the nation's commitment to green energy agendas.

The recommended CBG plant is a fundamental step towards a green energy initiative to process biogas derived from organic waste. This biogas is stimulated to undergo purification to eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide [H2S], Carbon dioxide [CO2], and water vapour resulting in compressed biogas [CBG] with a good enough content of methane gas over 90.4%.

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The recent budget declaration has facilitated financial assistance pledged for the conversion of biomass into CBG while outlining the phased mandatory blending of CBG with natural gas for use in vehicles and domestic supplies to make a sustainable approach toward energy generation.

The gas unit firm has been considered to be the key player in implementing CNG and Piped Natural Gas distribution in the country. Established in 1998, the company is a joint venture between Gail, Bharat Petroleum, and the Government of Delhi. 



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These MOUs were signed in the presence of Mr. Praveen Mal Khanooja (IA &AS), Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG), Mr. K.K Chatiwal, Managing Director of IGL, Mr. Pawan Kumar, Director (Commercial) of IGL, and other senior officials.

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