MRPL won an Award in the Technical Paper Contest

MRPL won an Award in the Technical Paper Contest

New Delhi: Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, is a division of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (MRPL) participated in a National seminar organized by the Society of Power and Energy Professionals, a registered Non-profit Organization professional body, held in Mumbai on April 27, 2024, focusing on ESG excellence, technology integration, and policy harmonization for future growth. Mr Sudarsan M.S, CGM (HSE), and M.s Anjali Raghavan, Engineer (HSE), received the award.

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M.s Anjali Raghavan presented a technical paper on "Driving Decarbonization: Automation in GHG Accounting" and secured the first prize in the technical paper contest, highlighting MRPL's commitment to sustainability.

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The paper explores automating greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for MRPL by integrating its existing Real-Time Database Management System (RTDBMS) with the SAP system. This integration enables real-time monitoring of GHG emissions, providing valuable insights for improved sustainability management.

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