NLCIL pioneers digital logistic management system (dlms) to digitally transform coal dispatch operations at talabira ii & iii ocp

NLCIL pioneers digital logistic management system (dlms) to digitally transform coal dispatch operations at talabira ii & iii ocp

New Delhi: NLC India Limited (NLCIL) is set to implement Digital Logistic Management System (DLMS), marking a significant milestone in its commitment to technological advancement in mining sector. This will be in place in next four months from now for which NLCIL has engaged a reputed agency on 01.01.2024. This pioneering initiative aims to digitally transform coal dispatch operations of NLCIL's Talabira II & III Open Cast Project (OCP) while setting a new benchmark for efficiency, security and compliance in the mining sector.

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DLMS, a comprehensive solution, is designed to oversee and manage the coal dispatch through Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It will ensure real-time surveillance and monitoring throughout the entire cycle as vehicles enter and exit the mine by integrating various hardware and software systems such as weighbridges, cameras, RFID card/tag readers and SAP ERP system.

Security remains a paramount focus of DLMS. The system's RFID card/tag authentication controls access to mine entry and exit points, fortifying security protocols by permitting only authorized vehicles and preventing unauthorized access. Moreover, DLMS interfaces with government regulatory systems, such as i3MS (Integrated Mines and Mineral Management System), ensuring all vehicles comply with necessary permits and regulations before accessing mining premises. Integration with government databases like Sarathi and Parivahan further verifies driver licenses and vehicle credentials, thus enhancing the holistic security and compliance.

The automation of weighbridge operations through DLMS eliminates potential errors or discrepancies caused by human intervention, ensuring precise and reliable data. Additionally, the integration with NLCIL's SAP ERP system facilitates seamless real-time data exchange, enabling immediate generation of coal dispatch reports.

This innovative leap with DLMS showcases NLCIL's dedication to pioneer advancements in the mining industry. Not only does it revolutionize logistical operations, but it will also enhance efficiency, security and compliance.

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As a forward-thinking initiative, NLCIL is also actively exploring the implementation of e-transit passes instead of a paper-based transit pass, aiming for a paperless office environment for which a proposal has already been submitted to the Department of Steel and Mines, Government of Odisha. This strategic move is poised to revolutionize the industry by fostering increased efficiency, security, transparency and significantly reducing the environmental footprint associated with coal transportation.

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