Oil India Limited plans to capture carbon under CCUS criteria project

As a part of meeting net zero carbon emission by 2040, Oil India Limited is planning to initiate the working on capturing the emitted carbon dioxide from the natural gas fields of Rajasthan and store it carefully in some dry wells.

Oil India Limited plans to capture carbon under CCUS criteria project

The initiative is tagged to be the first of its kind project in India where carbon storage sequence is a complex part of research and technical undergone activity, needed to intensify the substantial surface acknowledgement of achieving targets, which was mostly not accessible previously.

The actual amount of carbon will be determined to set up a gas sweetening or precipitator that could be successfully implemented to capture the residuary. Broadly, the company’s field in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, produces gas with about a quarter of CO2 content.

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Meanwhile, the company has been reported to engage in prelim studies needed to establish the desired structure and in addition to that, a consultant is recruited to prepare the feasibility report for the carbon sequestration project to adjust a plan on carbon capture, transportation, storage and monitoring.

For initial purposes, five dry wells have been identified for the project and the consultant would select any two of these for a pilot, respectively.

Earlier many oil refineries, mostly PSUs were engaged in undertaking CCUS criteria to be used as a part of manufacturing and refining, usually to intervene with the concept of net zero carbon emission and carbon capturing pilot projects mostly committed by nations at global conferences and platforms.

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The CCUS detailed report explores the importance of Carbon capture, utilization, and Storage as an emission reduction strategy to achieve deep decarbonization from the producing sectors. It enables the production of clean products and endowed towards reducing imports, relying efficiently on domestic suffices.

Earlier Oil India Limited announced investing 165 billion rupees in clean energy projects to meet its 2040 threshold goal. Besides, the remaining five state-run energy companies plans to invest 6.38 trillion rupees. The company would invest around 10 billion rupees on carbon capture, utilization and storage [CCUS] projects.

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