Ola backed startup AI Krutrim becomes India’s first unicorn in 2024

Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal has announced that his artificial intelligence startup Krutrim has raised $50 million funding for a $1 billion valuation and becoming the first-ever unicorn to reach that level in India.

Ola backed startup AI Krutrim becomes India’s first unicorn in 2024

Krutrim, a large language model [LLM] has been trained on more than 2 trillion tokens which are known to be the sub-words used in conversations. While the AI platform is set to have two classifications. It was introduced last month and now Krutrim Pro is set to release this year, with advanced capabilities for problem-solving and task execution.

The word Krutrim means artificial in Sanskrit is in the process of developing data centers across the country and aims to create a supercomputer ecosystem for AI development in India.

Also, the company is planning to make a beta version of its eponymous chatbot which will be available to customers next month. Matrix Partners is one of the main investors in Aggarwal’s two other startups, Ola and Ola Electric.

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The substantial funding infusion will facilitate as a catalyst to accomplish the mission of commitment to building India’s first comprehensive AI computing stack. It aims to lead the charge in establishing transformative changes globally.

The AI computing project is able to understand 20 Indian Languages and can generate in 10 Indian Languages including Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Odiya among others. It will be a tool for cultural expression, rather than assimilation into a single global paradigm. It is proclaimed to be larger than even GPT-4 in Indic Language support.

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