PFRDA invites bids for PFRDA-TRACE project

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority is inviting bids for the selection of a system integrator for the design, development, implementation of the PFRDA-TRACE[ Tracking Reporting Analytics and Compliance E-Platform].

PFRDA invites bids for PFRDA-TRACE project

The last date for bid submission is 11 March 2024. The PFRDA-TRACE acts as a part of a technology architecture project and will serve as a facilitation for submitting regulatory and supervisory compliance reports by intermediaries. While, it will also help to share reports and data with PFRDA, survelliance, easing seamless review and tracking of PFRDA working submissions and incorporating a validation process for reports and data submitted by intermediaries.

PFRDA-TRACE basically constitutes the second phase of the TARCH project [Technology Architecture] and and it will be responsible for studying existing processes, proposing enhanced workflows, and providing comforting services such as design, development, customisation, implementation, and maintenance by the chosen System Integator.

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The technology firms interested in participating for the same, can easily access the tender document for the PFRDA-TRACE RFP on PFRDA website or the Central Public Procurement Portal.

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