RuPay credit card linking with UPI: Listing Pros and Cons

The linking of UPI ID with RuPay credit card is a matter of debate topic which outflows many merits over demerits, upon peeking towards seamless digital benefits and ease form.

RuPay credit card linking with UPI: Listing Pros and Cons

RuPay credit cards on UPI can provide seamless, digitally enabled credit card structural reforms for customers entailing commercial benefits.  While, Merchants also, can get enough benefit from the increased use in consumption by being part of the credit ecosystem with acceptance of credit cards using asset lite QR codes. RuPay credit cards can now be linked to a UPI ID thus directly enabling safe, and secure payment transactions.

Some excellent features are predominated for a seamless experience:

Firstly get the credit card accounts from the issuer bank based on one's registered mobile number and then link it to the UPI ID on the BHIM app or any UPI app.

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Upon linking the card, the customer will be able to make payment to a merchant by scanning the UPI QR code and Payment authentication will be done using UPI PIN.

Transaction through this process will follow UPI standard transaction limits while cash withdrawal at merchant, P2P,P2PM, card to card payments will not be permitted through this functionality.


Always setup a different UPI PIN to authenticate credit card transactions on UPI, at the time of linking your credit card on UPI.

Always keep the mobile number updated with credit card issuing bank, for one to link RuPay credit card on UPI.


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Make sure to check the available balance and outstanding amount on the UPI app before initiating any merchant payment.

SOME DONT'S ARE: Don't share your UPI PIN with anyone.

Don't keep your CC on UPI PIN and your savings bank accounts UPI PIN and Card PIN same.

Don't share the OTP with anyone that you have received during the registration process.

Meanwhile, the most important cautious precaution is- Don't make payments using a RuPay credit card on UPI for categories such as Person to person, digital account opening, lending platform, cash withdrawal at ATM, card-to-card payment, ERUPI, IPO, Foreign Inward Remittances, Mutual Funds, and any other such categories restricted by the issuing bank/ RBI from time to time.

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