IREDA Shares Hit All-Time High, Up 200%+

The Bombay Stock Market breaks out the highest share prices for green financing NBFC renewable energy authority IREDA with the latest opening above 218 per cent from its issue price.

IREDA Shares Hit All-Time High, Up 200%+

IREDA price shares has been continuously rising at peaks with over 20 per cent gain to reach an all-time high, surging to 218 percent from Rs. 32 IPO price within just nine sessions. The share prices have been continuously rising since listing, with bursting out the barrier of Rs. 100 on Tuesday reaching the all-time high of Rs. 102.02 per share on the BSE. The latest share price opening was at Rs. 93.31 per piece, today.

The most interesting part is that a significant amount of traders and buyers have upsurged the trading volumes, exclusively. This eminent stock price amount was applauded at the exchange market with a total of about 235.5 million equity shares presence, clearly indicating strong trading activity as per NSE data.

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IREDA's share price made a stunning Debut on the exchange listing on November 29 at a premium of 56.25 percent. The listed prices wre stood at a premium of  56.25 percent for Rs. 50 per share on the BSE and NSE, respectively. 

Similarly, on Monday, the trading sessions had rose over 19.97 percent to Rs. 85 per share on NSE. Over the last two trading days, the shares of IREDA recorded an impressive rally of 32 percent.

The government owned company has a substantially unique position among the select few entities well equipped to garnish the renewable energy demands. Furthermore, the company's focus is on extending the loans to beneficiaries in the PM KUSUM SCHEME, with other sectors catering to business-to-consumer [B2C] needs.

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IREDA made a remarkable entrance into the capital market, making itself, the first public sector company to do so within a year since the LIC debut in May 2022. Peeking into the majority sector complement, it was engulfed by solar energy[30 per cent], trailed by wind power [20. 9] per cent, state utilities [19.2 per cent] and hydropower [ 11.5 per cent]. 

In addition, to participate in the stock market, its analysts, have suggested adopting a long-term investment approach in stock, citing government initiatives aimed at fostering the renewable energy sector.

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