Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

The Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises (MoHI&PE) in India is a key government department responsible for overseeing the development and growth of heavy industries and public sector enterprises in the country. The ministry provides support and guidance to public sector enterprises under its purview. This includes strategic planning, financial assistance, and policy interventions to improve operational efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of PSEs.

CPSEs under MoHI&PE

  1. Andrew Yule & Co Ltd. (AYCL) 
    2. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) 
    3. Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company Limited (BBJ) 
    4. Bridge & Roof Company (India) Limited (B AND R)
    5. Richardson & Cruddas (1972) Limited (R&C)
    6. Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Limited)
    7. HMT Limited (HMTL)
    8. HMT Machine Tools Limited (HMTMTL)
    9. Instrumentation Limited
    10. HMT (International) Limited (HMTI)
    11. Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL)
    12. Cement Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIL)
    13. NEPA Ltd 
    14. Hindustan Salts Limited (HSL)
    15. Sambhar Salts Limited (SSL)
    16. Engineering Projects (India) Limited. (EPIL)
    Non-Operational CPSEs
    1. National Bicycle Corporation of India (NBCIL)
    CPSEs under Closure
    1. HMT (Watches Limited)(Subsidiary of HMT Ltd)
    2. Hindustan Cables Limited 
    3. Tungabhadra Steel Products Limited
    4. Bharat Pumps and Compressors Limited
    5. Scooters India Limited
    CPSEs under Liquidation
    1. Reyrolle Burn Ltd. (RBL)
    2. Tyre Corporation of India Ltd. (TCIL)
    3. Bharat Ophthalmic Glass Ltd. (BOGL)
    4. Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation Ltd. (MAMC)
    5. Bharat Process and Mechanical Engineers Ltd. (BPMEL)
    6. Bharat Brakes and Valves Ltd. (BBVL)
    7. Cycle Corporation India Ltd. (CCIL)
    8. Rehabilitation Industries Corporation Ltd. (RICL)
    9. Bharat Yantra Nigam Ltd. (BYNL)
    10. TriveniStructurals Ltd. (TSL)
    11. National Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (NIDC)
    12. Tannery and Footwear Corporation of India Ltd. (TAFCO)
    13. Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. (HPC)
    14. Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Ltd. (NPPC)
    15. Hindustan Photo Films Mfg Co. Ltd.


Budget 24-2025

For the fiscal year 2024-25, the Ministry has an estimated annual budget of Rs 6729 crore.

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