Deepna Mehta elevated to position of AGM (CC), NTPC

Deepna Mehta elevated to position of AGM (CC), NTPC

New Delhi: Ms Deepna Mehta was Promoted to the Role of Assistant General Manager (Corporate Communications) at NTPC. She has a remarkable ability to rally her organization in moments of pride, always putting her organization first and prioritizing above all else.

Throughout her career, Ms. Mehta has consistently earned the respect and admiration of NTPC's superiors and colleagues.

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At PRSD and PSPRF, witnessed her invaluable contribution to building a better society at large. Most recently, during the PR Day celebrations at PCI, she left a lasting impression on all stakeholders.


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What truly sets Ms. Mehta apart is her selflessness and dedication to elevating others. Even when it comes to awards and recognition, she consistently puts others before herself—an exemplary display of true leadership. As professionals at PRSD and PSPRF, we wholeheartedly wish her the best in her future endeavours.

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