Glimpses of India-UAE strategic partnership recently concluded

The recent visit of the Prime Minister to the UAE has been appreciated as a bolstering step towards inheriting significant features of bilateral partnership with counterpart Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Glimpses of India-UAE strategic partnership recently concluded

The two leaders had propounded the strong efficient bilateral relationship which was formally elevated to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in 2017. The various fields and sectors were discussed during the visit and were covered under the restoring strategy. Both countries have come into a trade relationship since the inception of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement [CEPA] on May 1, 2022, which further results in making UAE, India’s third-largest trading partner for the year 2022-23.

Here is the list of exchanges done throughout the visit between both the countries:

Bilateral Investment treaty

Inter-Governmental Framework Agreement on the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor [IMEEC]

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Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation on Digital Infrastructure Projects, in the field of Electricity Interconnection and Trade, for cooperation with the National Maritime Heritage Complex, Lothal Gujarat.

Cooperation Protocol between the National Library and Archives of the UAE and the National Archives of India.

Agreement on interlinking of the instant payment platforms UPI [India] and AANI [UAE].

Agreement on interlinking domestic debit/ credit cards-RuPay [India] with JAYWAN [UAE].

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The formal unveiling of the UAE-India CEPA Council [UICC], which stands as an important development in the bilateral trade partnership was also witnessed. Meanwhile, the leaders also applauded the MoU for the creation of an intergovernmental framework between India and UAE on the India-Middle East- Europe Economic Corridor IMEEC, which signifies the lead taken by the UAE and India in furthering regional connectivity.

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