SJVN Recognized as Best Workplace in the Energy, Oil, and Gas Sector by Great Place to Work, India

SJVN Recognized as Best Workplace in the Energy, Oil, and Gas Sector by Great Place to Work, India

Shimla : Sh. Sushil Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of SJVN announced that SJVN has been recognized as a Best-in-Class Workplace in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector by Great Place to Work™, India . This award has been conferred in recognition to existing High-Trust and High-Performance culture of the company.

“It highlights our commitment to creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Let us continue to build on this success and strive for even greater achievements," said Sh. Sushil Sharma.

Earlier, SJVN has been certified as Great Place To Work by Great Place To Work™, India on 12th January 2024. The certification has been awarded based on extensive employee feedback and an assessment of workplace culture, policies, and practices. SJVN excelled in various areas, showcasing its dedication to creating a workplace where employees feel valued, engaged and motivated. Since then, SJVN has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment, encouraging innovation, and upholding the highest standards of corporate responsibility and employee engagement.

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On this occasion, Sh. Chandra Shekhar Yadav, Executive Director (HR) congratulated all SJVNites and said “Receiving this esteemed accolade reflects upon the relentless efforts and commitment of the entire SJVN team. It demonstrates the company's steadfast dedication to fostering a vibrant and supportive workplace, empowering employees to develop and significantly contribute to the organization's prosperity.”

SJVN has implemented several initiatives that include comprehensive wellness programs, continuous training and development opportunities. Additionally, the company's focus on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility has played a crucial role in achieving this recognition. SJVN has made substantial investments in renewable energy projects, community development programs and environmental conservation efforts.

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Being named the Best-in-Class workplace solidifies SJVN's position as a leader in industry and an employer of choice. This accolade not only reinforces SJVN's standing as an industry leader but also inspires the team to continue their pursuit of excellence and contribute significantly to the sector's growth and development.

Presently, SJVN, a Power Sector CPSU has an impressive project portfolio of 56662.4 MW and 89 projects are under various stages of implementation in various verticals such as Hydro, Solar, Wind, Thermal & Transmission Lines. SJVN aims to set new benchmarks in workplace standards and support sustainable advancement of the Indian Energy Sector.

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