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Chevrolet, also referred as Chevy, is a subsidiary automaker of General Motors. Founded originally by Louis Chevrolet and General Motors’s ousted founder William C Durant on the November month in the year 1911, as general motors’ acquired the company Chevrolet motor Car in 1918 and to sell vehicles mainstream which was positioned by Alfred Sloan to compete with the variant Model T of Henry ford’s Ford.

Chevrolet, also referred as Chevy, is a subsidiary automaker of General Motors. Founded originally by Louis Chevrolet and General Motors’s ousted founder William C Durant on the November month in the year 1911, as general motors’ acquired the company Chevrolet motor Car in 1918 and to sell vehicles mainstream which was positioned by Alfred Sloan to compete with the variant Model T of Henry ford’s Ford.
In most markets of automotive across worldwide, the vehicles of Chevrolet brand, with the prominent omission of the variant Oceania, where Australian subsidiary is represented by GM, Holden. In Europe the Chevrolet was re-launched in the year 2005, selling primarily vehicles manufactured by the Korean subsidiary for General Motors and slotting below Opel.
The Chevrolet sells and produces in North America with wide range of vehicles, to intermediate function commercial trucks from sub packed in automobiles. Due to the name recognition and prominence of Chevrolet as general motors’ marques of global, Chevy or Chevrolet as synonym used at that times for products of General Motors, one model being the engine of GM LS1, which was commonly by the variant or name thereof of the small engine block of Chevrolet.
History of Chevrolet
On the month of November 3rd in the year 103, Swiss automotive engineer and race car driver Louis Chevrolet with William C Durant in Detroit co founded the motor car company of Chevrolet with investment partners such as Dr. Edwin R Campbell, William Little and RS McLaughlin, who was a GEO of Canada’s General Motors in the year 1912. In the year 1910 from the General Motors management Durant was ousted for five years. The works of flint wagon was taken over by him, incorporating the little and mason companies. As the Buick Motor Company’s head, prior to GM founding, Louis Chevrolet had been hired by Durant in order to drive Buicks in races of promotional. The reputations of Chevrolet was planned by Durant as the foundation his fresh automobile company.
Actually the works of design for the Chevrolet, the expensive Classic Six Series C, following the Louis instructions, was haggard up by Etienne Planche.
The emblem “Bowtie” which is a trademark or logo Chevrolet was introduced in the year 1913. In the year 1914, the “Bowtie Emblem” logo of Chevrolet was used by Chevrolet. The design of the logo may have been derived, once when Durant saw in a hotel room of French. According to the historian Ken Kaufmann’s recent research presents a case that from the coal company called “coalettes” the logo founded its base. According some others claims that the design was a Swiss Cross’s stylized part, in tribute to the Chevrolet parents’ homeland.
Over design with Durant, Louis Chevrolet had some differences and in the year 1915 Durant got his share in the company. Chevrolet in the year 1916 was profitable enough with the cheaper series 490’s successful sales, which allowed Durant to reacquire General Motors controlling interest. After the completion of deal in the year 1915, Durant was named as the General Motors president, as a separate division into General Motors the Chevrolet was merged.
The factories of Chevrolet in the year 1917 were situated at the New York City. Tarrytown, in NY; Toledo, in Ohio; Flint, in Michigan; St. Louis, in Missouri; Fort Worth, in Texas; Oakland, in California; Oshawa, in Ontario and Fort Worth, in Texas. In the 1918 year’s model, the series D was introduced by Chevrolet, which is powered by a V8 engine that comes with models based on seating capacities such as 5 seat passenger tourer and 4 seat passenger roadster models.
Competing with ford, the Chevrolet continued into the 1920s, into the 1930s and into the 1930s, with competing next to Ford, and the Chrysler Corporation after it formed Plymouth during the year 1928. Chevrolet, ford and Plymouth were known well as the low priced 3. Chevrolet in the year 1933 launched the variant standard six, which was advertised as the cheapest 6 cylinder car on for sale in the United States. At some point in the 1950s and 1960s Chevrolet had a very good influence on the automobile market of America. It manufactured and produced the Corvette in the year 1953, which is a 2 seater sports car that comes with a body made out of fiber glass. The fuel injected very first engine of Chevrolet was introduced in the year 1957, the passengers and Corvette cars Rochester Ramjet option, came with a price tag of 484 USD. It introduced the variant Corvair in the year 1960, which back packed with an air cooled rear mounted engine. One out of every 10 cars in the year 1963 in the US was sold by Chevrolet.
The design of Chevrolet’s basic small block V8 engine has remained in unbroken production since it made its debut in the year 1955, longer than whichever produced mass engine in the world. Some of the modifications have done to the variant such as advanced aluminum heads and blocks, electronic management for engine and a sequential fuel injection port. Depending on the type of vehicle, the V8s of Chevrolet are built in displacements varying from 4.3 liters to 9.4 liters capacity with power outputs ranging from 111 hp to 994 hp i.e. from 83 kW to 741 kW respectively as installed at the plant. The design of engine has been also employed in the products of GM, built and sold in the Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Opel of Germany, Holden of Australia and in the Hummer.
General Motors in the year 2005 re launched the variant Marque of Chevrolet into the European market, using Daewoo cars’ rebadged versions manufactured by General Motors subsidiary of Korea.
Currently the division of Chevrolet is recovering from economic crisis of 2007 to 2010. The development of more fuel efficient trucks and cars were begun by General Motors for competing with automakers of foreign. In 2010’s late GM began manufacturing of the plug in electric variant Chevrolet Volt, later which was announced as the car of the year of North America in the year 2012, car of the year in Europe, and Car of the year of World Green.
International Operations
The Chevrolet as of 2010 had operations in more than 140 countries, in 2011 global sales with more than 4.76 million cars which were sold worldwide.
The top ten market sales of Chevrolet during the year 2011 are shown below.
United states stands at top of the list with a total vehicle sales of 1175812 and share in the market of about 36.9 %, then comes brazil with 632201 vehicles sale and 13.3 % of market share, china with 595068 vehicles and 12.5 % market share, Russia with 173485 vehicle sales and 3.6 % of market share, Mexico with 162461 vehicle sales and market share of 3.4 %, Canada with 150540 vehicle sales and 3.2 % of share in the market, Argentina with vehicle sales of 133491 and market share of 2.8 %, Uzbekistan with 121584 vehicle sales and 2.6 % of market share, India with 111056 vehicle sales and 2.3 % of market share and 105783 vehicle sales in the Columbia, with a share in the market of about 2.2 %.
Mexico has a Chevrolet models mix from various General Motors platforms and brands renowned as Chevrolet. The variants come from GM Korea, Chevrolet USA, Mexico and origins of other. Examples of sourced vehicles of Opel are such as Corsa, Astra, Vectra, Zafira, Meriva and Captiva. It also has its own locally manufactured cars like the Chevy C2 that comes with a reworked version of generation older Corsa B. vehicles based on the platforms of United states are the Suburban, the Avalanche, the Tahoe, the Equinox, The Cheyenne, the HHR, the Aveo, the Traverse, the Camaro, the Malibu and the variant Corvette. The variant Chevrolet Optra which is assembled in the South Korea by the General Motors of Korean was sold also in Mexico. As an only business vehicle the European Epica had been sold. The vehicles of the Chevrolet were also manufactured by general Motors like the avalanche and the Suburban in Mexico in order to export to markets of other countries, mainly for the Canada and United States.
China became in the year 2009 as the 3rd largest market for Chevrolet with total sales of 332774 vehicles, only behind United States 1344629 vehicles sales and Brazil’s 595500 vehicles sales. Chevy by 2010 sold just over ½ a million, with best seller as Cruze.
Launched by General Motors operations of India, Chevy is one of the most recent brands of auto. The General Motors India, which until the year 2003 was originally a mutual business enterprise with HM (Hindustan motors), sold some great successful cars such as Opel Astra, Opel Vectra and the Opel Corsa. The official business of Chevrolet began in India on the 6th of June month in the year 2003. The Astra and Corsa were built in Halol plant located in Gujarat.    
Since 1995 to till 2000, Toyota Motor Corporation in an agreement with General Motors sold the generation 3rd Chevrolet Cavalier model as the Toyota Cavalier in exchange for the Chevrolet/Geo Prism in Japan in an effort to avoid supplementary limitations on their US exports. In the 2000’s mid, the Chevrolet Optra and Chevrolet TrailBlazer were imported and marketed by Suzuki in Japan. General motors’ partner Suzuki, assembled and marketed the micro van Chevrolet MW. The variant MW was rebadged original version of Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Solio has been rebadged. Chevrolet Cruz had also been marketed by Suzuki, which is a subcompact in the past. General motors’ limited of Japan at present distributes and markets the Captiva, Corvette, Camaro and Sonic in limited numbers an agreement dealership with Yanase Corporation limited. The GMAP (general motors Asia pacific) in the year 2000 had marketed the variant TrailBlazer after its distribution. The Mitsui Bussan Automotive as of 2010 distributes and markets the Chevrolet Traverse, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet HHR, Chevrolet Express and Chevrolet Tahoe. Previously the MBA distributed and marketed the Chevrolet TrailBlazer and G van’s starcraft versions. The MBA had been continuously distributing certain models of GM since 1992 by importing, but have planned to cease their import business of GM from the November month of 2011, as the subsidiary of GM for Japan wants to unite the channels of distribution. The models of Chevrolet which have been imported by MBA will no longer be sold on one occasion inventories accessible are depleted. Thus there are 3 distinct channels of distribution for branded vehicles of Chevrolet in Japan at one time.
Between the years 2003 to 2009, a mutual business enterprise between DRB HICOM and GM, marketed the Chevrolet Lumina, Chevrolet Nabira, Chevrolet Optra and the Chevrolet Aveo. The mutual business enterprise with Naza was succeeded in the year 2010.
Chevrolet badged trucks, SUV’s, Crossovers and cars in the Middle East are sourced from General Motors subsidiary of South Korea, GM Holden in Australia and GM in North America. The separate division of Middle East called CSV (Chevrolet Special Vehicles), as of 2007’s December sources performance high CR8 engine which delivering 300 KW i.e. 400 hp sedan car from HSP (Holden special vehicles). The fleet of Middle East includes (Saudi Arabia particularly) likes of sedan categories such as Sonic, Malibu and Cruze, Captiva in the category of SUV, Traverse and Tahoe in the category of wagon, and Silverado and Avalanche under the category of truck.
Chevrolet in Pakistan introduced their cars in mutual collaboration with local manufacturer of automobile called Nexus Automotive. The present lineup of Chevrolet Pakistan includes Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Joy, Chevrolet Spark and the Chevrolet Optra. Into the future lineup the company also plans to add Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Epica and Chevrolet Captiva.  
The Chevrolet’s many global market vehicles are designed & manufactured by South Korea’s GM Korea, but under the brand name Daewoo it had been sold until 2011’s February in South Korea. The Chevrolet brand fully replaced the brand Daewoo on the month of March in the year 2011. All products of Daewoo launched again under the brand Chevrolet, with the release of Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Orlando and the Chevrolet Camaro.
The Chevrolet Colorado which is an American built pickup, designed and manufactured in Rayong, in Thailand. As the variant Chevrolet Lumina the Holden Commodore is buttoned in Thailand.
Presently the General Motors is exploring options of cost cutting as part of their restructuring plan. One of these expanding options involve the Thailand plant Rayong, to add supplementary capacity for exporting Colorado’s to the market of United States. This would allow the plant at Shreveport, in Louisiana to be shut sown. This circumstance is plausible only if complimentary deal agreement is signed between the Thailand and United Sates, as the tariff of America on trade in pickup trucks from the countries of non FTA is currently 25 %. The UAW (united auto works) is the majority challenger in vocal to a change in the configuration of tariff.
In addition to pickup trucks of Colorado, the GM began Chevrolet Captiva’s assembly, which is a sports utility vehicle in their plant at Rayong in the year 2007 on June month. The Chevrolet Captiva which is assembled in Thai is based on the platform of THETA under the code of program C100. The Chevrolet Aveo which was unveiled in 2009’s September under the T 100 platform, had been manufactured at the Rayong plant of general motors  and the variant Chevrolet Cruze which was unveiled in 2010’s November under the Global Delta platform.
Retail sales, production and registration of the brand Chevrolet’s cars during the year 2011 in Thailand (Units)
The model Aveo of Chevrolet’s production was around 10918 vehicles during the year 2011, retail sales of vehicles of about 8344 and registration vehicles of around 6536.     
The model Captiva of Chevrolet’s production was around 7912 vehicles during the year 2011, retail sales of about 6095 vehicles and the registration of vehicles of around 6071.          
The model Colorado of Chevrolet’s production was around 13014 vehicles during the year 2011, retail sales of about 8768 vehicles and registration of around 6536.          
The model Cruz of Chevrolet’s production was around 13554 vehicles during the year 2011, retail sales of about 8296 vehicles and registration of around 6129 vehicles.
Even though the today’s market of Australia consists majorly of own automotive companies of Australia alongside automobile brands of Asia, once upon a time Australia had American car’s fair share as well.
The locally assembled Chevrolet bodies, which were built in the 1918’s early in Australia and the General Motors private limited of Australia in the year 1926, had established five assembly plants in states of Australia to manufacture the Chevrolet and other vehicles of GM using the supplied bodies of the HMBB (Holden Motor Body Builders). The general motors’ private limited of Australia in merger with troubled HMBB in the year 1931 saw the establishment of Holden-General Motors. The various products of General motors’ ongoing production includes the Chevrolet. From the traditional body styles of United States the General Motors-Holden had departed with the release of the variant Coupe Utility of Chevrolet in the year 1934 and in the year 1935 with the variant Sloper Coupe of Chevrolet. During the year 1964 recommencement of post world war took place. The Australian Chevrolet’s from 1049 were to be assembled locally from imported components of Chevrolet in Canada even though Coupe Utility bodies were produced locally until the year 1952. The last full year assembly of Chevrolet in Australia was till 1968.
The classic models of Chevrolet such as Impala, Biscayne, Bel Air etc., are found still numerous states of Australia. From the 1970s early to the 1980s early the name Chevrolet was used in many light commercials in Australia. These ranged from light utility vehicle to the 3rd generation trucks of C series. Till 2001 from 1998, the Chevrolet Suburban as the Holden Suburban was sold in Australia.
With the introduction of Opel in Australia by GM, the general motors’ will continue to sell Chevrolet’s Holden in lieu for the market of Oceania.
South Africa
The Chevrolet in South Africa was general motors’ major brand name until the year 1982, with number of Holden and Vauxhall Motors derivatives under the name Chevrolet since 1964.
 By the year 1970s, the larger Chevrolet’s of south Africa were based on the models of General motors Holden’s of Australia, the Constantia and the Holden Kingswood on which Kommando is based on and whereas the smaller Firenza  was founded on the Vauxhall Viva. The variant Nomad of Chevrolet which was sold in South Africa was different entirely from the one sold in America the Nomad. Whereas the originally conceived American Nomad as a version of station wagon of the Corvette and became eventually the version of station wagon of the Bel Air. Due to the content laws of local the cars usually established dissimilar engines than their markets of home.
The Swiss based firm Chevrolet Europe in Zurich, which mainly sells the GM Korea produced cars.
Chevrolet Europe until the year 2005 sold only a few models, mostly the models of USDM (United States domestic market) which are modified to suit regulations of Europe. Among them were the Chevrolet Trans sport and the Chevrolet Alerto. The Camaro, the trailblazer, the Blazer and the Corvette are some among the other models which were sold by Chevrolet Europe. The north American current generation built Impala V8 variant of Chevrolet has also been obtainable in recent years in Europe, marketed as both economically priced alternatives and large family sedans to BMW’s and Jaguar’s as performance high executive cars.
Chevrolet has gone through various sporting cars events in the region of the world and known well in the world touring car championship and in the NASCAR.
Major teams include Richard Childress Racing, Stewart Haas Racing, Earnhardt Ganassi Racing and Hendrick Motorsports who all drive Chevrolet SS themed sports cars. Hendrick has 10 major championships in his bounty, 6 championships for RCR and 1 for Stewart Haas. The most successful manufacturer is Chevrolet to be engaged with 35 titles of manufacturer in NASCAR and record most wins by any manufacturer. The impala and Chevrolet Monte Carlo were previously used in the races.
Le Mans Series of America
In the GT class of Le man series of America, the Corvette sprints. Corvette racing was started during the year 1999 at the 24 hour race at Daytona and since it has won consecutive eight championships of manufactures and team of ALMS GT1 and 7 drivers’ titles of ALMS GT1. It also took part at the 24 hours of Le Mans series race in the French America.
The bowtie logo of Chevrolet was introduced by co founder of the company William C Durant in the 1913s late. According to a bureaucrat company publication titled “the Chevrolet story of 1961”, in Durant’s imagination the logo had originated, when as the traveler of world in the year 1908.
100th year anniversary
As part of 100th anniversary of Chevrolet in the year 2011, the Pandora Radio station which is based on the American internet which had created a dedicated channel,  for playing songs of top 100 mentioning the brand name the Chevrolet. The 100th birthday was celebrated by the Chevrolet by encouraging its fans and customers to tell about their Chevrolet stories, to vote for their favorite cars and trucks of Chevrolet, and take part in the anniversary party of Chevrolet along with their communities with the help of dealers of the Chevrolet. A documentary feature length titled “Chevrolet 100, an American Story”, which was produced by Roger Sherman, premiered on the 3rd of November month in downtown Detroit, at the Detroit institute of arts, features collectors, drivers, racers, journalists and restorers who breath and live trucks and cars. In the honor of Chevrolet’s 100th birthday, Chevrolet, Indianapolis and Indianapolis motor speedway businessman David Ring have organized to properly mark the Arthur Chevrolet’s grave, co founder Louis Chevrolet who was the brother of Chevrolet.
Marketing Agency
A company called international Group of companies which is future brand, has been working since 2000 with general motors.
In an attempt to attract drivers who are aged between 18 24, MTV Scratch had been hired by General motors. Some of the results of collaboration include Chevrolet ads demonstrating their cars bungee jumping, skydiving, and doing some other breath taking stunts.
The general motors’ on the month of March in the year 2012 announced 2 competing agencies, Goodby based on San Francisco, Partners and Silverstein, and McCann Erickson Worldwide based on New York, will join for forming an equal mutual business enterprise company called Commonwealth for handling most ads of Chevrolet. Prior to the mutual business enterprise, Partners, Silverstein and Goodby performed in the United States market, including the campaign the “Chevrolet Runs Deep”. The Chevrolet ads were handled by McCann in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and China and in other markets. 

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