NTPC to commercialize biomass co-firing in coal-powered plants

NTPC to commercialize biomass co-firing in coal-powered plants

New Delhi: In a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, NTPC, India's largest power producer, has made a groundbreaking move by commercializing biomass co-firing in its coal-powered plants. This innovative approach involves co-firing agro-residue-based biofuel with coal, marking a first for a major energy company in India.

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The PSU is using these pellets, made from agro-residue, in our coal-fired power plants across the country. NTPC is effectively reducing coal consumption, mitigating harmful carbon emissions, and addressing the issue of crop residue burning.

This approach reduces coal usage, mitigates carbon emissions, and discourages the burning of crop residue while generating economic value from agricultural waste.

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The successful implementation of biomass co-firing at NTPC's power plants sets a precedent for the industry, paving the way for wider adoption of this technology. The potential benefits of this approach are far-reaching, encompassing environmental protection, economic empowerment, and the advancement of renewable energy integration. As NTPC continues to expand its biomass co-firing initiatives, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for India.

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