Several Highway development projects unveiled in six states

Multiple Highway Projects were established by Road and Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari with an allocation of Rs. 626.01 crores sanctioned for the completion of the 4-lining of the Bellary Bypass, encompassing the Bellary to Byrapur Section of National Highway 150A, spanning 13.087 Km across Bellary and Ananthpur districts in Karnataka.

Several Highway development projects unveiled in six states

In Andhra Pradesh, an allocation of Rs.1346.81 crore has been approved for the expansion of the existing 2 – Lane Paved Shoulder, spanning from the Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh border to Puttur (20.03 Km) on National Highway-716. This project involves upgrading it to a 4-lane configuration with a paved shoulder.

Additionally, the widening of the existing 4-lane paved Shoulder from Mallavaram junction to Renigunta junction (17.40 Km) on NH-71 to a 6-lane Paved Shoulder is set to take place in the districts of Chittor and Tirupati under Package-2, utilizing the HAM mode.

The development aims to transform the specified stretch into a fully access-controlled corridor, playing a crucial role in linking the sacred cities of Tiruthani and Tirupathi.

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In Odisha, an allocation of Rs. 374.17 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of a 3.5 Km long 6-lane flyover at Ainthapalli junction and a 2-lane ROB (LHS) on NH-53 (formerly NH-6) in the Sambalpur district, Odisha, utilizing the EPC mode.

 In Jammu & Kashmir, an allocation of Rs. 224.44 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of the Shopian Bypass on National Highway-444, transforming it into a 2-lane configuration with a paved shoulder. This development, spanning 8.925 Km in the Shopian district, will executed using the EPC Mode.

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In Arunachal Pradesh, an allocation of Rs. 6621.62 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of eight packages on National Highway 913, designated as the Frontier Highway, transitioning to an Intermediate Lane configuration using the EPC mode.

This comprehensive project spans a total length of 265.49. Meanwhile, in Jharkhand, Rs 292.65 crore has been approved under HAS mode for the Four-laning of Tower Chowk to Basukinath section of National Highway 114A in Dumka district.

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