Surat Airport's New Terminal Building: Redefining Travel Experience

Surat Airport's New Terminal Building: Redefining Travel Experience

The Surat Airport, located in the vibrant city of Gujarat, is undergoing a significant upgrade with the construction of a new terminal building. This state-of-the-art structure is set to accommodate 1200 domestic and 600 international passengers during peak hours, a testament to its massive capacity.

The new terminal building is designed to make travel easier and more comfortable for passengers. It will feature 19 check-in counters, which will streamline the check-in process and reduce waiting time. 

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To enhance connectivity between the terminal and aircraft, five aerobridges are included in the building plan. These aerobridges will offer passengers a safe and convenient way to board and disembark from the aircraft, regardless of the weather conditions.

A cutting-edge in-line baggage handling system is another remarkable feature of this new terminal building. This system will ensure smooth, efficient, and secure handling of passengers' luggage, significantly reducing the chances of baggage loss or damage.

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In addition to the high-tech facilities, the terminal building will also focus on passenger convenience. Five conveyor belts will be installed, enabling quick and hassle-free retrieval of luggage.

The building will also provide ample parking arrangements, capable of accommodating up to 475 cars. This parking facility is designed to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and alleviate any potential congestion.

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