WCL signed Agreement with Vensar Construction

This agreement has been made for a period of 25 years, on revenue sharing basis.

WCL signed Agreement with Vensar Construction

Today, on September 11, 2023, an agreement was exchanged between Western Coalfields Limited and Vensar Construction Company Limited to start the work of Valni underground mine. Valni underground mine in Nagpur area of WCL has been closed for a long time. Now mining work will start in this mine under the agreement with Vensar Construction Company Limited.

In a special program organized at WCL headquarters, the agreement was exchanged between Chairman-cum-Managing Director Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mr. Vanshi Krishna, Director of Vensar Construction Company Limited. This agreement has been made for a period of 25 years, on revenue sharing basis. 

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The total coal production proposed during this period will be 6.05 million tonnes. Coal production from Valni mine is estimated at 0.25 million tonnes per year. Valni underground mine is the first mine of Vekoli where mining work will be done on revenue sharing basis.

On this occasion, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of WCL, Mr. Manoj Kumar expressed hope that Valni mine will soon play an important role in meeting the coal requirements of the nation.

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In this program, WCL Director Technical and Personnel Shri J. P. Dwivedi, Director Technical (Planning and Project) Shri A. Of. Singh, Chief Vigilance Officer Mr. Ajay Madhukar Mhetre and General Manager of Vensar Construction Company Limited Mr. Ramesh Rao and Advisor Mr. B. P. Singh was specially present.

It is noteworthy that on December 20, 2022, letter of award was issued by WCL to Vensar Construction Company Limited for carrying out mining work and rehabilitation, development and operation in Valni underground mine.

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