DFCCIL using these modern NTC machines for track laying

New Delhi: First time in India DFCCIL is using these modern NTC machines for track laying. All the track of DFCCIL are being laid by NTC machines.Seven NTC machines are being used in DFC alignment four are in EDFC andthree are in WDFC.

NTC bring substantial ease and efficiency in track construction with integrated logistic arrangements for mechanized handling, movement and laying of heavy track components. The machine provides continuous action assembly line kind of laying with high speed and accuracy. The output of the machine can be as high as 1.5 Kms in each shift.
These machines not only accelerates speed of construction but alsohelp in careful handling and placement of rails and sleepers, achieving high initialquality in track laying. It is well known fact that the initial quality of track laying determines its performance and service life. Laying tracks using the continuous- action, assembly-line method has proven to be the most cost-efficient method of work.
The entire supply of new sleepers and rails within the track being laid is bymechanized operation. Accuracy and high working speed are the outstanding features of this technique. The higher output of this continuous working action is the greatest advantage compared to cyclic action using gantry units. Other advantages are the careful handling of the material, particularly the rails, and better preparation of the subsoil (sleeper bed). A new working procedure has been introduced first time in the world for laying of tracks. A cord is fixed at 2.5 m from central axis so as to allow error free mechanized track laying.

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