India Meterological Department has issued weather forecast bulletin

The IMD has issued upcoming weather forecast for the Pan India climatic conditions and here is the full summary which envisaged the minimum temperatures of North and North-eastern India to be around 7-12 degree Celsius.

India Meterological Department has issued weather forecast bulletin

The North and East India parts are experiencing greatest chillings over the past couple of months and latest forecast has predicted that minimum temperatures for Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal , Sikkim, Delhi, Bihar and Jharkhand is around 7-12 degree and lowest temperature is below normal range of 1-3 degree celsius. 7 degree celsius temperature is notified to be minimum temperature experienced in Najibabad [ UP].

Isolated heavy rainfall/snowfall is likely to over Kashmir Valley, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Light or moderate rainfall is due expected over the parts of Northern parts of country like UP, Rajasthan, Delhi , Punjab and Bihar. Strong and chilly surface winds of the order of 30-40 kmph is likely to engulf the parts of Chandigarh, Punjab , Haryana and Delhi.

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Arunachal Pradesh is also likely to witness hailstorm and heavy rainfall or snowfall in coming days and Dense to very dense fog is going to be witness again in northern parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar , Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh whereas, Dense fog will be experience in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Importantly, no cold day conditions are likely to be there for next 5 days, along with no cold wave conditions. Huge dense fog is currently witnessed in isolated parts of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Yesterday Highest recorded temperature is recorded to 37.6 degree celsius at Punalur, Kerala. A fresh Western Disturbance is likely to affect Northwest India from 3 February 2024. Jet Stream Winds of the order upto 140 knots at 12.6km above mean sea level continue to prevail over North India.

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The western Disturbance as a trough in middle tropospheric westerlies at 5.8km above mean sea level now runs roughly along Longitude 65 degree East to the North of Latitude 30 degree North. 

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