Crash at Tokyo airport; Kills five people onboard

The Japan's Airlines Aircraft carrying around 400 passengers has deadly collided with Tokyo's Coast guard aircraft, killing five out of the six crew members of the Japanese Coast Guard aircraft.

Crash at Tokyo airport; Kills five people onboard

JAPAN: The catastrophic incident was stunned by burning flames coming out of the windows of the aircraft, scattering the whole board in burning ashes. The captain of the plane is seriously injured after the deadly collision.

How did the Japan plane crash? 

As per the information from Japan Airlines, the aircraft was carrying nearly 400 passengers, taking off from Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. The video information shows the plane caught fire after colliding with a coastguard aircraft at the Tokyo-Haneda airport. Despite this unprecedented happening, the evacuation procedure of the twin-engine airliner successfully made passengers escape, saving many precious lives.

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As per the reports, The Japan Airlines Airbus A350 departed from the New Chitose airport from the islands of Hokkaido and was scheduled to land at Haneda airport shortly before the actual accident took place, before 6 pm [9 am GMT]. The coast guard aircraft, Bombardier-built Dash 8 was headed to Niigata airport on Japan's west coast to deliver help to those who got caught up in an earthquake aftermath, that killed almost 55 people. 

However, aircraft accidents have substantially declined in recent decades after airline boards started implementing safer technologies and procedures to mitigate unusual happenings.

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The broadcaster NHK, citing the Tokyo fire department, reported that at least 17 of the people evacuated from the passenger plane were injured. The exact reason behind the accident is still not found and information about the incidence probe is still pending.

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