The Dark Side of AI: Recent Instances of Misuse and Consequences

Sneha Bisht

The Dark Side of AI: Recent Instances of Misuse and Consequences

Artificial Intelligence (AI), though a boon for many sectors, has a darker side that is becoming increasingly evident. Instances of misuse are on the rise, leading to devastating consequences for individuals and corporations alike.

One of the most alarming misuses of AI technology in recent years is the creation of deepfakes. These manipulated videos or images, often used to humiliate and harass women, have created a storm of ethical and legal issues.

AI has also been weaponized to carry out complex and intricate cyber-attacks. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, spear phishing attacks, and swarm attacks are becoming more sophisticated and challenging to thwart, thanks to the misuse of AI.

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Perhaps the most worrying misuse of AI in the corporate world is the unauthorized use of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT. Recently, companies like Samsung have discovered instances of misuse when employees uploaded sensitive code to ChatGPT. 

This raised serious concerns about the potential leaks of crucial information, leading to temporary restrictions on the use of such AI tools.

Indian Government also directed the social media companies to crack down on impersonation after Rashmika Mandanna fake video

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Even established companies like JPMorgan and Amazon have restricted the use of ChatGPT due to similar security concerns.

Despite the restrictions, these companies are looking for ways to safely harness the power of generative AI to boost productivity and efficiency. 

In conclusion, with the increasing integration of AI into our lives, it is imperative to be aware of its potential misuses. As we continue to benefit from AI's advantages, it is equally important to evolve our strategies to guard against its misuse, ensuring the protection of individuals and corporations.

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