Three FMC projects of SECL inaugurated by PM Modi

Built at a cost of Rs 600 crore, Dipka, Baraud and Chaal FMC projects are equipped with a capacity of 41 million tonnes per year.

Three FMC projects of SECL inaugurated by PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today virtually inaugurated three major First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects of SECL under the “Develop India – Develop Chhattisgarh” program in line with India’s commitment to strengthening energy security and enhancing sustainable development. Built at over Rs 600 crore, these projects are an important step towards faster, environment-friendly and efficient mechanized coal extraction.

Dipka OCP Coal Handling Plant located in the Dipka area of SECL is a major project costing more than Rs 211 crore. 

With an annual coal handling capacity of 25 MT, the project has an overground bunker capacity of 20,000 tonnes and a 2.1 km long conveyor belt, facilitating fast loading of 4,500 – 8,500 tonnes of coal per hour. Additionally, the project will ensure environment-friendly transportation by reducing road-based coal movement between pithead and rail siding, thereby curbing carbon emissions. This will benefit the environment and reduce rake loading time to less than an hour and increase operational efficiency.

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Another important project is Chhal OCP Coal Handling Plant in Raigarh area of SECL. It has been built at a cost of more than Rs 173 crore. It consists of an overground bunker with a capacity to dispatch 6 metric tonnes of coal annually, a conveyor belt of 1.7 km long and a silo of 3,000 tonnes capacity.

Additionally, the third project is Baraud OCP Coal Handling Plant in the SECL Raigarh area. It is designed to handle 10 metric tons of coal annually. It has been completed at a cost of Rs 216 crore. Equipped with an overground bunker capacity of 20,000 tonnes and a 1.7 km conveyor belt, the project has a rapid loading system. It is capable of loading 5000-7500 tonnes of coal per hour, significantly streamlining the loading process and contributing to operational efficiency.

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In line with the PM Gatishakti National Master Plan, these projects will significantly contribute to providing multi-modal connectivity and strengthening coal infrastructure across the region. These projects will generate employment opportunities for the local people and promote socio-economic development of the area by ensuring efficient energy supply.

First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects adopt the principles of sustainable development to reduce dependence on coal transportation through roads and reduce traffic congestion, road accidents and environmental impact.

On this occasion, SECL CMD Dr. Prem Sagar Mishra, Board of Directors, CVO, Regional General Managers, officers and employees joined in large numbers to make the program successful.

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