Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers is a key federal ministry in India responsible for the policy, planning, development, and regulation of the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. It plays a crucial role in the country's industrial landscape, overseeing a broad range of activities from manufacturing to safety regulations.

Formation and Structure
* Formed: December 25, 1975
* Jurisdiction: Government of India
* Annual Budget: Rs 1,68,372 crore for the fiscal year 2024-25.

The ministry comprises three main departments:
1. Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals
2. Department of Fertilizers
3. Department of Pharmaceuticals

Responsibilities and Functions
The department is entrusted with various responsibilities, including:
* Planning, development, and regulation of the chemicals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.
* Overseeing the production and regulation of drugs and pharmaceuticals, except those under other departments.
* Managing insecticides (excluding the administration of the Insecticides Act, 1968), molasses, industrial and potable alcohol, dyestuffs, and dye intermediates.
* Handling all organic and inorganic chemicals not assigned to other ministries, and special laws related to the Bhopal disaster.
* Overseeing industries involved in the production of synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, and plastics.

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