Indian Energy Exchange shares financial of energy trades

According to government data, for the year, the energy requirement at 1,626 BU grew by 7.5% YoY in 2023-24.

Indian Energy Exchange shares financial of energy trades

 Indian Energy Exchange, India’s premier electricity exchange, achieved 110 BU in FY’24, registering an increase of 13.8% on a YoY basis. Electricity volumes at 101.7BU increased 12% YoY. Additionally, 75.39 lac RECs (equivalent to 7,539 MU) were traded during FY’24. REC traded volume in FY’24 increased 26% year on year.

IEX Green Market, comprising the Green Day-Ahead and Green Term-Ahead Market segments, achieved 426 MU volume during March’24, 960 MU in Q4 FY’24, and 3,227 MU in FY’24.

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The Green Day-Ahead Market (G-DAM) achieved 410 MU volume with a weighted average price of Rs 3.81 per unit. The market saw participation from 244 market participants during the month. The G-DAM segment achieved 885 MU during Q4 FY'24 and 2,502 MU during FY’24.

The Green Term-Ahead Market (G-TAM) achieved 16 MU volume in March’24. The G-TAM segment achieved 75 MU during Q4 FY'24 and 725 MU for FY’24

During Q4 FY'24, IEX achieved 30.1 BU volume across all segments, registering an increase of 15.7% on a YoY basis. This volume comprises 25.9 BU from the conventional power market segment, 1 BU from the green market segment, and 32.48 lac Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) (equivalent to 3.2 BU).

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Some key points shared by the company:

 IEX DAM Price in FY’24 At Rs. 5.24/UNIT, Reduce 12% YOY

 Crosses 100BU in the Electricity market IN FY’24, First time since inception

 Achieves Highest Ever Total Volume OF 110 BU IN FY’24, an increase of 14% YOY

 Total 83.9 Lac Certificate Traded in FY’24, Increase of 37% YOY

 Achieves 30,140 MU Total Volume in Q4FY’24, an increase of 16% YOY

 Achieves 9,785 MU Total Volume in March’24, an increase of 6% YOY

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