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Public Sector Entrusted Greater Role in Union Budget


New Delhi: Dr. U.D. Choubey Director General, SCOPE applauded the Union Budget 2018-19 for its emphasis on boosting agriculture, infrastructure, education and providing universal healthcare and social protection. The public sector is going to play an even greater role as the budget has envisaged higher investment in infrastructure, strengthening of the railway network, airport development, and maintenance and promoting digitalization among other things. Modernizing defense sector and preparing the groundwork for the online highway in rural India would also lead to higher public investment, said Dr. Choubey.
DG, SCOPE also appreciated consistency in government policy regarding consolidation of government-held companies. A consolidated single insurance entity has been announced in the budget on the lines of energy and banking sector announced in last year's budget. Dr. Choubey also said that it is heartening that government has realized higher than targeted disinvestment proceeds, expecting it to reach Rs one lakh crore in 2017-18. For 2018-19, the budget has targeted Rs 80,000 crore in disinvestment proceeds. This reflects Public Sector’s strong credibility in the market. However, SCOPE feels strongly about utilizing these proceeds for purposes other than investment within the sector for making it more dynamic.  
SCOPE compliments government for enhanced minimum support price for agricultural produce and larger allocation in the agricultural sector which in turn enhances the rural economy.

Posted Date :  01-02-18

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